Regenerative Agriculture

We use regenerating agricultural practices to produce high quality meat, nuts, and produce.  Our system thrives on an interconnected community with all the parts mutually working and benefiting each other.  We call our meat beyond organic because anyone can feed organic feed to a chicken in a confined chicken house but it doesn’t do the bird any justice.  Our chickens are raised outside, on pasture and bugs, the way chickens were meant to be.  People sometimes ask if we are a sustainable farm.  We feel that sustainable is not enough and simply keeps something at the status quo, we want to have a net positive impact on our environment and this is why we apply the principles of regenerative agriculture.

Our Regenerative system

  • builds topsoil
  • increases fetility
  • increases diversity
  • improves water quality
  • reduces pollution/runoff
  • reduces CO2
  • recycles nutrients
  • builds community
  • supports the native habitat
  • reuses waste