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Using Nature as a Model

I started Vital Mission Farm with a purpose to grow all natural healthy food in a responsible manner. The health and nutritional value of the food we grow is just as important as the manner in which it was produced. 

I have followed nature as a model to design the farm as an ecosystem. The complex balance of plants, livestock, and animals allows for increased productivity on the same area of land without using fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. This interconnected relationship works like nature intended, and each part of the farm supports the other parts of the system to make a low-impact, nutrient recycling, diverse, life building community.



Our Mission is to be a part of the climate solution and grow food that is healthy for animals, people, land, and environment.

Feel Good Food

Good food makes you feel good – because it’s full of more healthy nutrients and because of the minimal impact farming you’re supporting.  Read about how we are doing things differently here.


Our poultry are raised outside on pasture where the majority of their diet is made up of bugs and grasses and the birds live a healthier natural life.


We have fruit and nut trees planted in our pasture that are fertilized by our livestock and in turn provide food and shade.

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“Best chicken I’ve ever eaten… After enjoying the chicken so much we immediately dropped a deposit for a thanksgiving turkey! We can’t wait! Wonderful family farm and lovely new source for farm fresh poultry.”

Casey M.

“The jalapeño cheddar duck sausage was incredible. Best sausage I have ever eaten. Well done!!!!”

Kim S

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Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

Get more about what’s going on at the farm from our YouTube channel. Introductions, updates and an inside look at our unique approach can be found here. 




April 2020

April 2020 Well it has and will continue to be a historic time we are in.  I would like to point out some of the small things that can be seen as a silver lining amongst this epidemic.  Air and water pollution is at an all time low with factories and vehicles at a...

Dorian the Hurricane

Thursday September 5, 2019 1:00 am Craack! Boom! The sound of a branch breaking off and hitting the corner of the house made me quickly sit up in bed. I was not sleeping soundly anyway due to the howling winds of Dorian, a category 3 hurricane releasing its anger...

Raw Dog Food Diet

If you haven’t heard by now, many studies have demonstrated the benefits of giving your dog a raw food diet. Dogs stomachs have a lower pH than humans and as a natural omnivore descended from the wolf, many dogs can digest raw meat and bones easier than commercial...


Our Mission is to be a part of the climate solution and grow food that is healthy for animals, people, land, and environment.