About us


Vital Mission Farm was started with a simple purpose, care about the earth and care about people.  Our goal is to create healthy food systems that go beyond sustainability and restore the environment.  We feel that the way we do things is just as important as the quality of our products.  We raise our poultry the way that they were intended to live, outside with fresh air, grass, and bugs.  We have a mobile chicken mobile that is moved to fresh pasture daily which allows our birds to eat a steady diet of plants and insects.  This diet is what gives our poultry higher content of Vitamins A, E, D, Omega 3, and reduced saturated fats compared to conventionally raised poultry.  The nutritional value and daily exercise culminates to produce meat that has unmatched flavor and texture.  In addition, our regenerative program increases fertility and diversity, builds soil, improves water quality, reduces pollution and runoff, provides habitat, recycles nutrients, reduces CO2, and builds community.  We also integrate our livestock with perennial fruits and vegetables and the native habitat to encompass a synergistic ecosystem.

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