Pasture Raised Jumbo Duck Eggs are the most sustainable eggs you can buy.  Our ducks are raised outside on pasture 24/7 and given fresh ground to roam and forage for greens and bugs.  All of the labels that claim “free-range”, “cage-free”, or “organic” in the grocery store are a sham.  These animals live in a confinement house with 15,000 birds in filth and feces all day.  Do you really want to eat food like that or support those practices?

Due to the diet of our birds, our duck eggs are higher in Vitamins A, D, and E and you can see the nutrition in the nice orange yolks.

Duck eggs have a higher yolk content than chicken eggs which means your baked goods will be lighter and fluffier.  Bakers love duck eggs.

Also, people that are allergic to chicken eggs can usually eat duck eggs because of the different protein.

These Jumbo Duck Eggs are the equivalent of 1.5 chicken eggs so when you buy a dozen eggs its like your getting 18 eggs.

Do your health and the environment a favor and get your duck eggs today.



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