10 pack of Pasture Raised Duck Breasts

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Our pasture raised Pekin ducks are raised outside where they forage for bugs and grasses, making the meat leaner and packed of nutrients and vitamins.  These are the creme de la creme of duck breasts.

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These boneless duck breasts can be marinated and braised to make a succulent dinner.  The flavor of our duck is enriched through our management practices of moving our animals daily on fresh grass and providing them with love and care.  One order contains 10 individually wrapped packages of boneless skin on duck breasts. Each package contains 2 duck breasts.

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Weight 480 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
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I have been ordering from US Wellness for over a decade. I was tired of them not having any inventory and decided to venture out. I am so glad I did!! When I first looked at the breasts I received I was a little confused by the smaller portions, but wow was I completely surprised by the flavor and the amount of meat. I fed four kids and four adults on five breasts, and they couldn’t stop raving. I am so happy to find Vital Mission. And I will be coming back for more and more. Look up honey lacquered duck recipes, we served it on cauliflower mash, absolutely delicious.

3 weeks ago

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