Do you dream of owning your own farm or just having some adorable ducklings in the backyard?  Our Jumbo Pekin ducks are the perfect homestead addition.  Jumbo Pekins grow to a very large size quickly as we select for traits of exceptional growth characteristics for meat production.  In addition, our ducks will also lay Jumbo sized eggs of 170-190 per year.  These ducks are very friendly and will give you constant entertainment.

We guarantee 80% fertility in our eggs or we will replace them and all you pay is shipping cost.

Hatching duck eggs is very different in some ways from chicken eggs, so we will send you some information with your order to help improve your hatching rate.  Minimum order is 12 and Maximum is 500 eggs.  These eggs are also great for eating as a Jumbo duck egg is the equivalent of 1.5 chicken eggs.  All of our eggs are 4 days old or less when shipped to ensure best hatching rates.  Message us for discounts on orders over 120 eggs.

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12, 24, 72, 120

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