5 Whole Pasture Raised Ducks


5 whole Pasture Raised Ducks



We have whole, cleaned and dressed Pekin ducks that have been raised outside in the comfort of lush grass and sunshine.  The meat is healthier, more nutritious, and flavorful than anything you can buy in the store.

Ducks can be baked whole in the oven, smoked, or grilled like chicken.  The legs can be cooked low and slow like pulled pork to make an excellent melt in your mouth duck confit that will really impress. Get more bang for your buck by purchasing a whole bird.  You can have baked duck the first night and vegetable soup or tacos the next.  Box includes 5 whole pasture raised bird.  Choose your size and shipping option.

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Small (3 lb), Medium (4 lb), Large (5 lb)

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