Raw Dog Food Diet

If you haven’t heard by now, many studies have demonstrated the benefits of giving your dog a raw food diet. Dogs stomachs have a lower pH than humans and as a natural omnivore descended from the wolf, many dogs can digest raw meat and bones easier than commercial feeds. In addition, many of the commercial feeds include added sugars, salts, preservatives, soy, grain and other ingredients that may be hard to digest or cause allergies in dogs. Raw food does require some planning in advance and a bit of prepping the food but can be life-changing for our furry friends.

Some of the benefits of giving your dog a raw food diet are:

1. Stronger immune system

2. Improved digestion

3. Decreased flatulence

4. Reduction in skin and stomach allergies

5. Firmer stools to help dogs with anal gland issues

6. Better overall health

7. Improved skin and coat

8. More energy and vigor

There are a number of different recipes when it comes to raw food diets for dogs and some may be better than others at meeting their specific needs. I do not claim to be a dog nutritionist, but based on my research there seems to be a consensus of the basics. The general guidelines are to have meat and bone make up 65-75% of the diet, with bone and meat being in a 1:1 ratio, Calcium and Phosphorous in a 1:1 ratio, fat being 10% or less, and a small amount of fruits and veggies making up 10-30%. It is also recommended to limit grains as many dogs can be allergic to grains. To make it simple for you we have a few of our favorite recipes that follow these guidelines. Variety is good for your dog and gives them a broader access to vitamins and minerals so it is encouraged to switch up and try different recipes/combinations to ensure your dog does not become deficient in one particular amino acid or vitamin. Also, it is important to note that these diets are Raw and it is not necessary to cook them although some people prefer to cook tough vegetables, particularly for their senior animals. It is strongly recommended not to cook the bones, particularly poultry bones, as it makes them harder and they could splinter and be dangerous for your dog. Raw poultry bones are flexible and digest easily. All of our natural dog food protein products have poultry bones included for calcium.

Our favorite recipes are…

  1. 2 lbs ground poultry with bones hearts and livers, 1 egg, 4 ounces of carrots, 4 ounces green beans
  2. 2 lbs ground poultry with bones hearts and livers, 2 ounces of broccoli, 2 ounces of celery, 2 ounces of spinach, 2 ounces of carrots
  3. 2 lbs of ground turkey with bones, 3 ounces of lettuce, 3 ounces of yams, 3 ounces of zucchini

Profits over Morals

Our Mission is to develop a food systems that are nurturing for animals, healthy for the consumer, regenerating for the environment, and supports wildlife. While it is important for any farm or business to be economically viable, our ideal is that our overall mission will keep us on a straight path that follows our moral compass and doesn’t sacrifice health or the environment to increase profits. Unfortunately, in today’s society the theme of sacrificing morals, health, safety, or clean air and water is all too common. The nature of consumerism and a capitalist society often steers toward greed and wanting more money and more materialistic things that can never be satisfied. No matter how much money someone has, they are rarely satisfied and only crave more. For example, look at the popularity of venture capitalists and TV shows like Shark Tank. These billionaires have the opportunity to retire and live a lavish life and yet still seek more money and profits. I believe it is possible many wealthy people may also be driven by a desire to succeed and help others in an altruistic manner, but if that was the only factor, then they would invest in every idea that came on the show and negotiating equity in a business would be null.

People will always live up to their means. Whether a household has an annual income of $20K or $200K, most people will always spend it all and live a lifestyle according to their income. Sure some things may become easier the more money you have and there may be less financial worries, but there are many people in this world that make a six figure income, have a large expensive home, 2 car payments, and kids in private schools that cannot afford to go out to dinner because after bills there is no expendable money left.

I am not saying that capitalism is wrong and we should all live in a socialist society and share everything. In fact, history has shown that in many socialist societies the human nature of greed comes out and some individuals tend to take advantage and exploit the others. The point I am trying to stress is that oftentimes we let greed and profit get in the way of our values. I believe that most people are inherently good and do not wish harm or intend to do harm to others. People who debeek chickens and keep them in cages probably do not relish the process of hurting their animals placing them in confinement. Oil executives probably do not sing and rejoice at a cocktail party when a tanker spills in the ocean. I can imagine they are saddened and horrified at the death of innocent animals and pollution in our oceans. Factory owners probably do not skip in the park at the the idea of pumping ozone damaging and poisonous chemicals through their smokestacks into the atmosphere. Yet, most individuals are able to turn a blind eye and ignore certain uncomfortable truths in the name of profits and the possibility of bettering their financial position. Too often people accept bribes, hide truths, take shortcuts, and cause indirect harm to our planet and fellow man to get a fatter wallet.

We hope to provide an example of an economically viable business and farm while remembering our mission. Without a profitable farm, we won’t be around long, and cannot continue our mission of growing clean healthy food while healing our natural ecosystem. We are committed to our ideals to never sacrifice the health and well-being of our customers, livestock, or the environment to make a few extra dollars.

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